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Simplicity is another trend in lines and shapes. Geometric, clean and elegant designs with slightly curved angles have the highest value in modern interiors. Minimalist, Scandinavian, and high-tech styles, as well as an influence of retro-modern designs, are stylish options for interior design in 2018.

People today are much more aware of how their home can affect their moods. How they admire and covet magazine roomshots and would often like to imitate rooms seen on TV. You have the scope now to be able to style your home to suit your personality. To bring those finishes into your home, using very faux ideas. Making a conscious decision for, sustainable and eco-friendly interiors.

All types of stylish fabrics and wallcoverings. No matter what your budget, there are no design constraints and some fantastic alternatives.

Reliable and authentic looks include Woods, Marbles, Leathers, Cement and so much more,available for you to choose from. Without breaking the bank

Upholstered Headboards

Beds will change dramatically in 2018, with upholstered bed heads set to replace the timber bed frames currently dominating the market.

 They’ve been a staple in luxury hotel bedrooms and celebrity homes for a while, but now we’re all falling head over heels for the bedhead trend, 

Whether you opt for the classic model in neutral colour with buttons, or a plush one in velvet, a bedhead is an easy way to update and add instant glamour to a bedroom.


Word on the Grapevine about 2018

Our senses will once again determine the essence of our homes – the coziness and comfort of a warm nest where we can slow the pace of our lifestyle and recharge our batteries. That feeling of coming home which will find its materialization in our desire for interiors.

All of a sudden we all are experiencing a growing desire to reconnect with nature.

Wood will be widely used, counterbalanced by materials like marble and plexiglass. Curvy is beautiful! '70s-inspired silhouettes

Think exposed brickwork, the use of cement and blown plaster finishes, the pairing of metals with raw, natural materials such as cork, wood and clay.

There is a huge contrast in fabric textures and new collections are awash with plush velvets, raw and organic linens, and ethereal sheers.

At this year’s Milan furniture exhibition, the designers influence from the colours, shapes and materials of the mid-century era was clearly evident. This retro vibe won’t be restricted to furniture but will include lighting and accessories that are inspired by iconic designs

Beautiful Neutrals and Golds