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Do You have a Re- Upholstery Service?

Yes we do have an upholstery service. We should answer your questions below. If not use the enquiry form and we will get back to you.

Why re-upholster?

Transforming that favourite piece of furniture is just so satisfying. It may be a sentimental piece or that fabulous shape that you have never ever found again. Traditional family heirlooms or that quirky retro sofa. New England Interiors have the expertise and desire to restore most pieces to their former glorious condition, some better than their previous look when new. We have thousands of inspiring fabrics for you to browse. Our advisors are very knowledgeable and would love to be able to guide you to that perfect look. You can take this opportunity to replace cushions and seat interiors at the same time. Seeing the transformation is awe-inspiring, knowing that you have chosen how you want this piece to look, so that it fits perfectly into your room. Your look, your style, your home. 

What would it cost?


The costs for this service is not a cheap option. It is however a satisfying one. It does cost more to strip back furniture, to the bare frame. Then lovingly rebuild it and recover it. More than simply producing new furniture. Whilst the cost may be higher moneywise, our environment will benefit. Re-cycling saves cutting down more trees for a new frame and also producing more steel for the springs


What happens next?

So, we can give you an accurate cost for the re-upholstery work, we would initially send you an estimate. This will be based on a photograph of your furniture and approximate measurements. We would also take into account the fabrics and interiors you have chosen (Extra material sometimes has to be bought for Fire Retardant Testing). Once you decide and we have instructions from you, we will uplift your furniture, take it to our upholstery workshops where an exact quote can be produced, there is a fixed price for the uplift service.  When you are happy with everything discussed we can proceed, using our experienced, quality upholsterers. The furniture is returned back to you in fabulous condition. Something you will be very proud of for years to come.